Continuing the Learning Journey: Navigating the TechFWD Content Marketing Program

One of my intentions in writing is to showcase valuable resources I’ve discovered within my own professional development. For the first of these features, I compiled a list of recommended online courses for those interested in fostering understanding of data and programming. This next post highlights my experience completing a sequence of content marketing coursework through a program offered within my community earlier this year, whose material you can access free courtesy of providers HubSpot and Semrush Academies. Happy learning!

HubSpot inbound methodology framework
The inbound methodology pioneered by HubSpot and outlined in its Academy coursework.

My professional journey has led full circle toward arenas of digital content development explored previously in my career. As I’ve sought to focus on opportunities within marketing and consumer analysis, I’ve realized a need to refresh my knowledge of how such domains have been and continue to be shaped by online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the countless others that continue to emerge. Like many fellow Millennials, I was an enthusiastic early adopter of social media, but a combination of security concerns, polarizing content and overall fatigue led me to largely abandon these channels in subsequent years. As I’ve re-entered these online spaces with professional intentions, I’ve sought to do so with the guidance of best practices for navigating these often murky waters.

It was with these aims that, upon learning of a month-long Content Marketing program provided free by my city, I jumped at the opportunity to complete the four-week curriculum outlining the inbound marketing framework and its applications within social media, email campaigns and search engine optimization. The material covered is available free via the HubSpot and Semrush Academy platforms, and I highly recommend it to anyone working in or seeking to work in these arenas. If the thought of completing four courses feels overwhelming, start with HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing course to develop a conceptual framework, then focus on corresponding material related to the tools and techniques most aligned to your current specialty, interests and/or goals. You can even complete an exam at the end of each course to earn credential-enhancing certifications.

The coursework was immensely beneficial for the knowledge gained, much of which I’ve utilized in developing this site. The TechFWD program provided added benefits of a shared learning environment and opportunities to network and build relationships, and I hope communities worldwide will launch similar initiatives and find this perspective valuable in pursuing such endeavors.