Hello, I’m Sarah.

Are you an overwhelmed manager seeking a second set of eyes and hands? I’m here to help!

Hello! I’m Sarah Noonan, a data-driven marketer, project manager and growth strategist. I hold over ten years’ experience empowering initiatives across teams of variable industry, size and scale. Throughout my career, I’ve helped leaders and organizations coordinate workflows, convey expertise, establish credibility, and optimize revenue, operations and customer relationships.

With my analytical mindset, I’ll step into any environment, assess gaps and priorities and help teams reach critical Aha! Insights to run operations. Then, I’ll use my project management skills to design and implement an action plan aligned with short and long term goals.

I thrive in back-end, heads-down tasks like research, technical setup and content management – My passion is to free up YOU to focus on priorities like extending influence, building relationships and capturing new business.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  • Research and Opportunity Scoping
  • Technology, Systems and Process Setup (Some favorite platforms include HubSpot, Google Workspace and Asana)
  • Marketing and Project Plans
  • Campaign Management and Content Calendars
  • Writing and Editing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Sound helpful? Connect with me today!