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I’m Sarah, a data-driven marketing and project leader with over ten years’ experience empowering initiatives across teams of variable industry, size and scale. Drawing upon a thoughtful and informed perspective┬áto research, analysis, and implementation, I’ve served leaders and organizations within print and digital media, philanthropy, higher education and technology. Currently, I’m assisting marketing services firm Publio to develop their content strategy, identify prospects and project leads and establish workflows and business goals to scale growth and operations. Areas that excite me include:

  • Customer insights and experience
  • Digital content and analytics
  • Marketing, competitive analysis and strategic planning
  • Business process and workflow automation
  • User education and documentation
  • Ecosystem and economic development
  • Thought leadership and community building
  • Data management, analysis and reporting

This site showcases key initiatives I’ve spearheaded over my career along with thought leadership and work samples. Take a look around:

  • Review my Projects and Blog to discover areas of past and current focus;
  • Connect to share feedback, submit a project inquiry or request a quote
  • Visit the Support page to learn how you can engage through social media engagement, affiliate marketing purchases and donations

I love connecting with curious and creative minds to share ideas, solve problems and build support networks. Let me know if you wish to exchange perspectives!

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