Following are projects I’ve managed over the course of my career:

Marine Money | Website, Social Media and Book Launches | 2010 – 2014

Marine Money is a market research publisher with over thirty years’ focus on the global shipping industry. I was hired to oversee the redesign of one of its flagship publications from a predominantly print to an exclusively digital format. I held primary oversight for the property including its searchable directory and blog components, subscriber base and social media channels whose readership I grew by ten percent over the course of four years.

As I demonstrated proficiency creating and managing digital content, I was asked to take on additional responsibilities including backup support and maintenance of the Marine Money home page, launch of additional social channels and eCommerce development for the company’s emerging portfolio of book titles. Additionally, I frequently advised company clients seeking to expand their own firms’ digital presence on how to approach this work.

New York University | Master of Arts in Applied Quantitative Research | 2014 – 2015

From 2014 through 2015 I completed New York University’s now dissolved Master of Arts program in Applied Quantitative Research. The 34 credit curriculum incorporated coursework in Design of Social Research, Quantitative Analysis and Data Analysis, culminating with an independent thesis project.

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation | Thrive by 25 Initiative Launch | 2015 – 2016

During graduate school, I completed an internship entailing program and data analysis for Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving equity and quality of life in the region. My primary project involved synthesizing primary and secondary data sources to inform the launch of the foundation’s Thrive by 25 initiative, a commitment incorporating grant allocation to organizations supporting youth development and success, an ambassador program engaging high school and college age students in advocacy and leadership, and partnerships with local businesses and civic leaders fostering education and work opportunities for the region’s emerging adults.

Iona College (Now Iona University) | Education Program Accreditation | 2016 – 2021

Following my completion of graduate school and post-graduate internship, I accepted a position overseeing accreditation, data analysis and reporting for the education department within Iona College (now Iona University). My primary responsibilities entailed analyzing and reporting on effectiveness of education programs as measured by standards outlined by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). I was integral in developing the plan the department is currently using for its forthcoming review. This work included streamlining internal and public-facing materials and workflows to increase efficiency, transparency and data quality and engage current students, alumni and community partners.

Publio | Company Expansion and Development | 2022 – Present

Publio is an inbound marketing consultancy focused on empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to “think like a publisher” to achieve growth goals. I first connected with the company while completing a sequence of Content Marketing workshops the team offered during the summer of 2021, and subsequently piloted their Publisher’s M.O. MasterClass during its development stages later that fall. My interest in the material inspired two blog articles, impressing the team and leading to an invitation to join in building on existing company initiatives. Among my initial contributions, I’ve led the development of a company analytics framework and contributed to client engagements spanning industries from technology to recruiting and finance.