Going Social: Marine Money Platform Launches, 2010-2014

I compiled this summary analysis capturing Marine Money’s social media presence launch and growth as of the end of my tenure there in August 2014.

A highlight of my early career includes the opportunity to launch and grow the Marine Money social media presence during the years from 2010 through 2014. At that time, the company was primarily focused on print-based publishing, and the maritime industry was just beginning to discover the power of digital platforms to drive business conversations and transactions. Additionally, the social media landscape was much more uncharted than it is today. This combination of factors offered a rich environment of opportunity for experimentation and exploration across online channels. I drew upon my creativity and problem-solving skills to develop ways to extend conversations from conferences and print media into real-time blog and social media communications. Examples of such engagements, commonly recognizable today, included live reporting and promotion of company events, interaction with client and partner accounts and links to parent websites and publications.

Toward the end of my tenure at the company, I compiled the above summary chronicling channel development, growth and performance over a four year time span. The document served as a template for my successors’ subsequent management of these accounts. In preparing this project synopsis, I recently checked each account’s activity and performance in the time since completing my initial analysis. I found all accounts had maintained their presence for at least three years since my involvement as well as sustained or doubled their follower counts over the course of that time frame:

ChannelFollower Count,
August 2014
Follower Count,
April 2022
Growth Rate, 2014-2022Most Recent
Post Date
Marine Money – Twitter23007816239.83%4/7/2022
Marine Money – Facebook4401495239.77%10/3/2019
OGSR – Twitter3000390930.30%11/13/2018
OGSR – Facebook1000964-3.60%4/19/2017
All social media accounts maintained their presence for at least three years since my involvement and sustained or doubled their follower counts over the course of that time frame.

Due to my limited access to relevant data points following my Marine Money departure, it remains a challenge to discern much from available information beyond these summary figures. Reflecting at the data retroactively, and thinking through how I would approach a similar study in the future, I realize the critical importance of capturing data snapshots at regularly defined intervals for reliability and continuity. My subsequent studies in graduate school and a content marketing bootcamp have since provided me with a framework for examining and reporting on digital engagement. I look forward to further mastering, leveraging and building on this connected knowledge set in future professional roles.